Static Hydro Reactor (SHR)

Static Hydro Reactor (SHR)

The Static Hydro Reactor (SHR) is Novexx’s proprietary design that utilizes proprietary multi-function media modules and compressed air to breakdown and treat specific pollutants in wastewater.

The SHR modules consist of different media materials specifically designed to:

  • Create an oxidation-reduction reaction with the type of pollutant to be treated
  • Coagulate and absorb the waste
  • Flocculation of the pollutant


The Static Hydro Reactor (SHR) unit is highly effective in removing organic compounds and other difficult to treat water.

Applications include:

  • Dissolved and emulsified oils
  • Dissolved and emulsified mineral oil & grease
  • Surfactants (detergent, soap, raw materials from cosmetics)
  • Cyanide
  • Aromatic compounds including benzene and xylen


Advantages of the SHR System

Using the Novexx Static Hydro Reactor (SHR) system, you can be ensured of its

  • High treatment efficiency
  • Stable outlet water quality
  • Minimum floor space
  • Low cost of operation and maintenance
  • Able to treat a wide variety of wastewater.

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