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Novexx provides integrated engineering solutions which includes design, project management, plant maintenance & construction and human resource management & recruitment services for the process and related industries. With a history of more than 15 years in the pharmaceutical and process engineering industry, Novexx is poised for global growth and gears to be world class player in this area of expertise. Our services includes :

bulletpoint  Engineering Tools bulletpoint  Process Automation
bulletpoint  Deliverables bulletpoint  Engineering Consultancy
bulletpoint  Process, Piping and Mechanical bulletpoint  Construction Supervision & Inspection Services
bulletpoint  Project Management & Purchasing bulletpoint  HAZOP Consultancy / HAZOP Chairman


Engineering Design and Projects

Our experience allows companies to benefit from reduced cost and increased project efficiency. We employ a range of engineering, project scheduling, design and drafting (including 3-D capabilities, Caesar 2) software to support our work. Novexx partners with leading process equipment manufacturers and process management technology leaders.


Advanced Oxidation Process – Reaction Treatment System

Primary Oxidation reaction to break the solubility of the containments. This generates low cost strong oxidation material verses the conventional method. Oxidation break and pericipate the contaminants in water. Two types of Reaction Treatment System.

1. Static Hydro Reactor (SHR)

The SHR is a proprietary design that utilizes proprietary multi-function media modules and compressed air to breakdown and treat specific pollutants in wastewater. It is designed to


bulletpoint  Create a oxidation-reduction reaction with the type of pollutant to be treated

bulletpoint  Coagulate and absorb the waste

bulletpoint  Flocculation of the pollutant


2. Dynamic Hydro Reactor (DHR) 

The system consists of a low voltage electrode array and specially designed proprietary packing which together creates a three dimensional electrolytic effect. The DHR system is the ideal solution for the economical treatment of  waste water containing a high concentration (BOD >10,000) of organic pollutants or other chemical waste.