Dynamic Hydro Reactor (DHR)

Dynamic Hydro Reactor (DHR)

The Novexx Dynamic Hydro Reactor (DHR) is a system that consists of a low voltage electrode array and specially designed proprietary packing which together creates a three dimensional electrolytic effect.

When the reactor is injected with air the resultant electrical energy (excitation energy) from the array induces the formation of hydroxyl (·OH) radicals.

These radicals will initiate a chain reaction that causes the catalytic reduction/oxidation of the pollutants passing through the DHR and is highly effective in treating high concentration (BOD > 10,000) organic waste water.



The Novexx Dynamic Hydro Reactor (DHR) system is the ideal solution for the economical treatment of waste water containing a high concentration(BOD >10,000) of organic pollutants or other chemical waste including:

  • Waste water from the dyeing and printing industries
  • Waste water from pharmaceutical industries
  • Tannery applications
  • Waste water from pulp & paper mills
  • PCB production waste water
  • Waste water from food and related processing


Advantages of the DHR System

The Novexx Dynamic Hydro Reactor (DHR) system is designed to ensure high productivity with advantages in:

  • Flexibility in Process Placement
    • Pre-treatment before biological
    • DHR treatment only
    • Water polishing and further treatment
  • Low cost of operation and maintenance
    • Requires very little maintenance.
    • Electrical cost is minimal. Voltage required is less than 50V.
    • System is robust and simple to operate.
  • Able to treat a wide variety of wastewater

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